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Alright. I'm sure you all have noticed that I've been fairly quiet and inactive. The reason being: I'm currently expecting my first child and the pregnancy has been all over the place. I'm due any day now and I'm sure for awhile I will probably have even less time for the internet. So, I've set up a new folder for submissions. This will be the only folder taking submissions and they will be automatically approved. Once I have time, I will sort through and place the submissions in their appropriate folders. BUT. I expect everyone to still follow submission rules.
    -Mature content must be mark accordingly
    -Art must be Twilight related (just because the piece has vampires doesn't mean it belongs here)
              -No Vampire Diaries, True Blood, whatever fanart
              -Must either be work of the actors/actresses from the Twilight movies, characters from the book, original characters that fit the Twilight universe
              (I shouldn't have to say those things, but oddly I still get submission requests for work that is as far from Twilight related as you can get)
    -No hate art (again, shouldn't have to say that considering this is clearly a FAN club but I still get requests for such submissions)

Be aware that content that breaks the rules will be deleted and the person who submitted it may be banned. I will check in as frequently as I'm able to. Once I adjust to life with a newborn I will switch the submission system back to normal. Until then, this will have to do.

Be back soon, fellow Twilighters!
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Main Rules
:bulletyellow: BE RESPECTFUL! Harassment, by members and non-members alike, will NOT be tolerated. You will be blocked from the group and reported to the dA staff. If you don't like Twilight, that's fine. But there's no reason to belittle the people who do.
:bulletyellow: SUBMIT TO THE CORRECT FOLDER! As much as I like Twilight, I do not enjoy having to spend large amounts of time moving around deviations that were submitted to the wrong folder. If you are unsure which folder your work belongs in or if you do not know how to submit to different folders, just ask. I don't bite.
:bulletyellow: No spamming the club.
:bulletyellow: Mark mature content appropriately. Be mindful, however, of dA's policy for mature content. DeviantART is a place for art, not porn.
:bulletyellow: No hate art allowed. Poking lighthearted fun at it is one thing, completely hating on it is another. This is a fan club.

:pointr: Please note that not following the rules can get you kicked out of/banned from the club.

-To join, simpley click the 'Join our Group' button at the top of the main page.
-You must be a member in order to submit art to the group or to participate in contests.

:bulletyellow: There are several ways to submit.
--Click the 'Contribute Art' button at the top of the page, choose your picture, and at the top of the page (where it says 'Submitting to') choose the appropriate folder.
--Go into the group's gallery, push the + button to the right of the folder names. The rest of the process is similar to the above process.
--Go to the picture in your gallery, click 'submit to a group' (on the right), choose the group, choose the folder, and click submit.
:bulletyellow: Please, for the love of Carlisle, submit to the correct folder! See the info below to help you decide where your work belongs.
:bulletyellow: SUBMIT PHOTOMANIPULATIONS AT YOUR OWN RISK! Taking a photo that is not yours and altering it in anyway, if you give credit or not, without the original owner's permission is against dA's policy. While I see this as relatively harmless, not everyone on dA sees it that way and have been known to get quite nasty about it.

--Featured:Closed for submissions
--Digital Fanart: For digital paintings, drawings, etc. NOT FOR PHOTOMANIPULATIONS OR ICONS.
--Traditional Fanart: For traditional mediums such as pencil, watercolor paints, etc.
--Crafts: For hand-crafted Twilight art. Charms, custom shoes, painted boxes, dolls, etc.
--Stamps: Title pretty much says it all. They must be in stamp format, not just an icon.
--Animated GIFs: For animated icons of any kind.
--Fan fiction: For written Twilight-related things
--Photomanipulations: Was it made from an official photograph that you manipulated? Then it goes here. Icons, wallpapers, anything made with manipulated photos of real people.
--Cosplay-Photography: Photos of people dressed as Twilight characters; for Twilight-related photography. Snapshots of Twilight tattoos would go here as well.
--Fan Characters: Characters of your own creation for the Twilight universe.
--Crossovers: Combining the Twilight universe with another fandom.

Don't be shy. We don't bite... Much.








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sukuangtou Mar 17, 2014  Student Writer
Letting you know SOPA is back and the deadline is the 19th of March, not all that long away. We still need 2,437 signatures. If SOPA happens, no more fanart, fanfiction and so on so please spread the word.…
BlackMisanthropist Nov 9, 2013
Hello Everyone.
Nero--Angelo Oct 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
To any and all members of this group, I have one question for you.  Why do you love this series so much? (note to anyone reading this, this isn't the only group I'm asking so don't feel like I'm just picking on you).

It's hard to think about the characters in a positive life when Bella usually ranges from a doormat to a controlling sociopath (don't even try defending her driving the motorcycle).  Edward's creepy & that imprinting on the baby thing Jacob did . . . X(

The series seems like My Immortal, but the writer for that actually admitted they wrote the characters like that on purpose

Most of my knowledge from the series is from several articles I read, having almost slept through the first movie, and what I heard from other people.  So please, if you could, make the argument so I don't find the generation that actually made what I saw a stupendous success to be beyond all redemption
Tae-Rai Oct 8, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I am seeking a beta for my fanfiction. I need someone who is critical but open minded to ideas not in Meyer's original works. If this sounds like you, please note me.

girlink Jun 2, 2013  Student General Artist
:iconsayhiplz:, I'm looking for a story called: "Bound to you or me", one of those is. If you could help me find it, I would appreciate too.
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EpitaphOfTwilightCe Apr 25, 2013  Student General Artist
[link] rp idea
Thank you for the accept! :)
(1 Reply)
We want a Twilight Saga/Caster Chronicles team-up.
twilight twilight twilight twilight twilight twilight twilight twilight twilight twilight twilight twilight twilight twilight twilight twilight TWILIGHT SPARKLE! :icontwilightsparkleplz: :twilightdanceplz:
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